Home Buying Checklist




# of Bedrooms

Full baths

Half baths

3/4 baths

Appliances Included

Asking Price

Property Tax (Annual)

Zoning Restrictions

Lot Size

Curb Appeal

Proximity to desired facilities

Type of neighbourhood






Quality of doors and hardware?

Do they close properly and quietly?

Well painted or stained?

Peep hole on main door?

Good quality locks on exterior doors? 



Any stains or black mould?

Any broken or rusted hardware?

Any deterioration or malfunction?

Are they double-paned or better?


Living Room & Dining Room



Does layout fit your furniture?

Any fireplace?


Vinyl & Tile Flooring


Any tears, scratches, cracks and lifting?

Good quality?


Wood Flooring


Hardwood or synthetic?

Is the floor warped?



Wall To Wall Carpeting


Same color throughout?

Any burn marks, stains, ripped corners?

Pet urine stains or smell?

Quality & Age?




Countertop & cabinet condition?

Cabinet doors warped or doesn't close properly?

Appliances working and in good condition?

Instant hot water system?

Functioning garbage disposal?

Does the kitchen hood work and is large enough?

Built-in microwave & condition?

Quality & age of all of the above?




Are cabinets, countertops and doors in good condition?

Are the fixtures, toilets, tubs, shower stalls & bidets in good condition?

Is there enough lighting?

Are the mirror(s) large?

Enough storage space?

Any visible leakage or stains?




Does it have a screen or glass door?

Any cracks or wall scorching?




Too steep or too long?

Sufficient headroom?

Railing and condition ?

If it is carpeted, is it well fitted?

Any creaking or other noise?




Sufficient parking and storage space?

Does the garage door open and close smoothly?

Any garage door openers?

Cracks or stains on the cement floor?

Is the door between the home and garage fire rated?




Any cracks, holes, stains or marks?

Do they require painting?

Are the walls properly insulated and how?


Water Heater


Does it have sufficient capacity?

Is it in proper functioning order?

Is it fitted with earthquake straps?

Any sign of leakage?




At least 8 feet high?

Any cracks or water staining?

Does the ceiling or beams show any bowing?

Any visible mould?




Overall condition?

Any cracks, watermarks, or even standing water?

Is there sufficient lighting, ventilation, and heating?




Adequate electrical sockets in all rooms?

Are the electrical sockets and switches in good condition?

Sufficient amperage at the main electrical panel?

Aluminum or copper electrical wiring?

What is the internet access?

How many telephone and cable outlets?

Natural gas, or propane tanks that need to be refilled?

Plumbing copper, and shows signs of leakage or recent repair?


Heating & Air Conditioning


Is the air conditioning flow cold and the heating hot enough?

Are the vents located properly high enough on the walls for air conditioning and low for heating?

Are any of the vents blocked or overly dirty?

Any internal fan noise?

Heating type and fuel?




Smoke detectors in every room?

Any carbon monoxide detector?

Are they operational?




Lawn & Landscaping


Does the lawn look healthy and consistent?

Are there many weeds?

Does the property have sprinklers?

Are the yards well-landscaped?




Is it wide enough?

Is it straight enough?

Is it cracked, uplifted, or requires replacement?




Does the property have walkways?

Are they in good condition?

Do they make sense given the traffic flow around the house?




Is the property completely fenced?

Any sagging or leaning?

Any missing fence sections?


Porch & Deck


Is it easily accessed from the house?

What is the overall condition?

Are the stairs too narrow or steep?

Do the stairs have any railings?




Any missing shingles?

Any discoloration or damage?

Do any shingles curve upward?

Any visible tears, rips, or holes?

Is all flashing secure?




Are they installed all around the exterior?

How many downspouts?

Is the water flow directed away from the spouts?

Are any of the eavestroughs  broken or leaking?


Surface Drainage


Will water from the street flow towards the house?

Signs of any standing water?

Is the property in a floodplain?




Any large trees near to the foundation?

Any signs of standing water near the foundation?

Any part of the foundation showing signs of recent repair?




Any warping, dents or missing pieces?

Any rot or mould behind the siding?

Does the wood need painting?




Are your neighbours private, quiet and restrained?

Any parking space for your guests?

Any graffiti, trash spread around, or run down appearance?

Is the crime rate low?

Is it close to good schools and amenities?